Friday, September 02, 2011

Beaded 3D Pear Tutorial

Beaded 3D Pear Tutorial!
Beaded Pear Tutorial Beaded Pear
Just finished drawing the free tutorial pattern for a 3D beaded pear fruit!
Made with four different shades of green color Japanese glass seed beads using right angle weave Beading technique. Great as earrings, pendant or simply as a charm.
See all of my beaded fruits at: Beaded Fruits
Most of them were made with the beading technique of right angle weave or RAW for short.

Here's the basic materials you need:
Seed Glass Beads 11/0,High Quality Japanese. Greens .Pack of 9. Brass Gold Tone Headpins 22 Gauge 3 Inches (25 Head Pins) Evergreen Hearty Bead Soup Mix 2 Clear Cord Illusion Monofilament Beading String

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