Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beaded 3D Halloween Jack O Lantern Charm tutorial

Beaded 3D Halloween Jack O Lantern Charm tutorial!
beaded Halloween Jack O Lantern Charm tutorial
Just finished the beaded 3D Jack O Lantern charm tutorial (hopefully still in time for this Halloween).
It should take one to two hour to make one. I used size 11/0 glass seed beads and the right angle weave beading technique. The finished Jack O Lantern charm measures around half an inch tall. You can use bigger size beads and the same tutorial to make bigger ones to place around the house as Halloween decorations.
Beaded Jack O Lantern
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Here's the basic materials you need:
Miyuki Delica Seed Beads 11/0 Opaque Mandarin AB Orange DB1573 7.2 Grams Miyuki Delica Bead 11/0 7.2 Gram Black DB010 25 9mm silver plated smooth round beads Silver Plated Head Pins 2 Inches 24 Gauge (X50) NYMO Nylon Beading Thread Size B for Delica Beads Cell Phone Strap Black/ Silver Tone Split Ring (10)

OR maybe you just prefer to buy a ready Jack O Lantern charm!

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