Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beaded 3D Crystal Cupcake tutorial!

Beaded 3D Crystal Cupcake tutorial!
Free beaded cupcake tutorial
Just finished drawing my September tutorial and this is chosen by voters online on which of the four beaded cupcakes they wishes to see the tutorial drawn for first, this won the highest vote! This beaded 3D Crystal and Bead cupcake is made with both Swarovski crystals and Japanese glass seed beads using the right angle weave or 3D beading technique.
Beaded Crystal Cupcake
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Here's the basic materials you need:
Blue Moon Bead Boutique Bead Box, Multi Color Seed Beads Swarovski Crystal #5301 4mm Bicones Mocca Brown (50) Swarovski Crystal Bicones 5328 4mm Purple Velvet Beads(50) Wholesale lot 500 Bicone 4mm Swarovski 5301/ 5328 Crystal Beads 25colors

OR maybe you just prefer to buy a ready cupcake charm!

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