Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beaded Cupcakes

Beaded 3D Cupcakes!
Beaded Cupcakes
Fresh out of the oven Beaded Cupcakes! Just finish beading four cupcakes and the smallest starts from less than 1cm (used all size 11/0 seed beads) to the largest measuring 4cm tall (made with 4mm crystals and size 11/0 seed beads).
All four of them were made with the beading technique of right angle weave or RAW for short.
This one is a special request from a close friend who intends to make one for her friend's birthday as a surprise, turns out her friend is a cupcake fanatic, so I bravely took on the challenge and invented these four beaded cupcakes using different style and materials.
Am planning to publish the free online tutorial for one of them in September but still can't decide which one to draw the tutorial for first.
Votes are welcome here and at the same time, I'm compiling other votes from forums and groups I joined.

Crystal Cupcake Beaded Crystal Cupcake Cupcake Beaded Cupcake All Beaded Cupcakes

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