Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beaded 3D Chicken Charm

Beaded 3D Chicken Charm with tutorial! Free tutorial for beaded 3D chicken Charm
Beaded Little Chicken White Chicken Gold Chicken Beaded Chicken Side View White Chicken Side View Golden Chicken Side View 3D Beaded Chicken Beaded 3D Chicken

Learn the Right Angle Weave (RAW)

We have instructions on beading with flat right angle weave, Tubular right angle weave and increasing or decreasing the right angle weave. Choose the instruction you are looking for or if you new to beading start on the flat right angle weave which is easier to learn. Flat Right Angle Weave Instruction, Tubular Right Angle Weave Instruction, Increasing Right Angle Weave Instruction, Decreasing Right Angle Weave Instruction

Here's some basic materials you need to do 3D beading - Chicken Charm:

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads 11/0 DB721 Opaque Yellow 8 Grams | Czech Seed Beads 11/0 Transparent Ruby Red (45 Grams)

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads 11/0 Opaque Chalk White DB200 7.2 Grams | Miyuki Delica Seed Beads 11/0 Matte Black Opaque DB310 8 Grams

Or if you just prefer to get ready made ones:

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