Monday, November 02, 2009

Beaded 3D Christmas Santa Claus Charm with tutorial!

Beaded 3D Christmas Santa Claus Charm with tutorial!
Free beaded Christmas Santa Charm tutorial link
I just finished some of my Christmas beadwork and also did one free tutorial to share on this little one inch tall pear shaped Santa Claus Charm, I used size 12/0 Japanese glass seed beads and the triangle weave beading technique which is a slight deviation from the more common right angle weave technique.
Beaded 3D Christmas Santa Claus Charm
See more photos of my Christmas beadworks at: My Christmas Beadworks
Here's some of the basic materials you need:

OR if you just prefer to buy one!

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The Secret Corridor said...

Hi there!

I emailed you recently to let you know I would be featuring your santa charm in this year's Advent Calendar.

I have included it in today's window, but have just noticed you have it listed on your blog too. Would you prefer the link went to the blog entry or your website?