Saturday, September 19, 2009

My beads and bead boxes!

My beads and bead boxes!
Still have so many beads that can't fit in these boxes, have to hunt for more bead box for the rest of my beads and jewelry making accessories....
Seed bead box one Seed Bead box two Seed Bead Boxes Box of pearl, stone and other type of big beads Jade and stone bead box Big stone, jade and ceramic bead box
Here's a few suggestion to get you your own bead boxes to start the beading process:
Spring Petals Bead Box Bead Kit by Bead Bazaar
Make 3 or more accessories with this Bead Bazaar Spring Petals kit. Bead Box includes: glass, pearl, and ceramic beads, string, and an instruction booklet. By Bead Bazaar.
Spring Petals Bead Box Bead Kit by Bead Bazaar
Bead Boutique Bead Box - Seed Beads

Jewelers Bead Storage Box Craft Organizer Container

Bead'n Bellishment Cabinet White W/Boxes & Jars

20 Seed Bead Storage Jars Beading Organizer Travel Tray

2 2 Bead Box Storage Tray Jewelry Beading Crafts Hobby


270 Bead & Finding Box Holders Glass Top Jars

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