Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beaded Bag

Browse My arts and craft collection of handmade beaded charm accessory design, for versatile use as mobile phone accessory, hang on bag accessory and some even double as pendants.

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Beaded Crystal Bag Charm Tutorial

You can find a variety of Free Arts and Craft Project here, including beaded project and other project. This month's project is a beaded crystal bag charm made with Crystals and glass beads using the Right Angle Weave technique.

Right Angle Weave Instruction

We have instructions on beading with flat right angle weave, Tubular right angle weave and increasing or decreasing the right angle weave. Choose the instruction you are looking for or if you new to beading start on the flat right angle weave which is easier to learn.

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1 comment:

june said...

Hi Christine
I am very glad to learn from your blog on how to create mini crystal bags. I have been trying to do these mini bags since the day I bought a Japanese book on this technique but alas! I have failed. So I just want to drop you a mail to say a BIG THANK YOU for posting this technique. I am currently on a quest to learn how to bead boxes.
The only book that I know is by Julia Pretl called the Little Bead Boxes but apparently contain too many mistakes. I wonder if you know how to bead boxes and if you are willing to share with me the know-how? Once again, thank you for your sharing! Best Regards June Yap from Singapore. Have a good weekend!